How do I know I’ll be satisfied?
We take all the necessary steps to control quality, protect your home and make sure you are completely satisfied.

How is the quality of your work?
Everyone says they do quality work—we REALLY do quality work.

How do you ensure the quality of your work?
To make sure all our jobs met and exceed your expectations we do customer quality surveys.

Will my belongings be safe from damage?
To protect your home and ensure your comfort while we are working on your project we have strict job site standards. This includes all necessary draping and covering of all floors in and around the working area. Of course this includes daily and weekly clean-ups.

Who will be working in my home?
We only hire people I would feel comfortable leaving alone in my own home. We insure all of our crew have the necessary skills and the right attitude.

What about energy efficiency?
To ensure maximum comfort and to conserve energy we recommend Energy Star products.

Do you have a good reputation?
We are proud to say we have had an impeccable reputation serving the residents of Nassau, Suffolk & NYC since 1996.